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January 22nd and 23rd  2015 - Project Information and Closure Meeting.

The Project Information and Closure Meeting will be held on 22-23.January 2015 in Kirklareli at the Atatürk Soil Water and Agricultural Meteorology Research Station. The agenda includes on the first day presentations of project’s outcomes and a workshop (discussion) with invited guests from institutions/entities in charge of ecological studies and environment protection in the cross-border region. The Closure meeting on the second day will be focussed on items for the final report and on evaluation of the overall project implementation.

November 20th and 21st  2014 - Joint Scientific Workshop in Bourgas.

A Joint Scientific Workshop on the project: “Joint study of anthropogenic air pollution in the Bourgas - Kirklareli cross-border area as a step towards future assessments on its impact on the population and the environment (SAAP4FUTURE) will be held on November 20th and 21st 2014 in Bourgas. The venue of event is at Hotel Bulgaria, the Captain Hall.

Results from the research project activities will be presented focusing on: a survey on air quality in the trans-boundary area; analysis of meteorological situations and their effect on air pollution in the region; numerical modeling of the transport of air pollutants and comparison with available observations; preliminary analysis of data on acidity and chemical composition of precipitation samples collected within the project in Bourgas, Ahtopol, Kirklareli and Kaynarca; features of the breeze circulation, the wind regime and turbulence in Ahtopolfor selected periods without rainfall; as well as on the creation of an integrated project database.

A roundtable – discussion will be held focusing on environmental issues in the region Bourgas – Kirklareli with the participation of representatives from the local administrations, local environmental agencies and research organizations.

During theworkshop the steps for completing the final scientific project report will be defined; organizational issues will be discussed related both on ongoing of project tasks and in the ways of presenting them to the wide public at the final Project Information Meeting in January 2015.

Ahtopol, 4th and 5th of September 2014. Midterm Meeting between the SAAP4FUTURE project partners.

The Midterm Meeting between the SAAP4FUTURE project partners will take place at the NIMH Observatory in Ahtopol on 4th and 5th of September 2014. The progress in all project activities will be discussed. Special attention will be paid to sampling activities comparing methods, devices and the exchange of samples for cross-checking analysis. The partners will discuss information and publicity measures in the forthcoming months, the most important are the presentation of air pollution modelling activities at the “Harmo16”conference and the organization of the Joint Scientific Conference in Burgas in the second half of November 2014.

Publicity Meeting in Burgas on May 15th 2014

The Project Publicity Meeting will be held on May 15th at the Compass Hall of Hotel Bulgaria in BURGAS, BULGARIA For more details about this public event, please see the agenda.